Employment Chronicles: I GOT A JOB!

Selfies from job interviews at the same company in the last 2 weeks…

I’m 40 years old, and I just got offered an entry level job that pays almost $10,000 less per year than my previous job, in which I had spent more than 15 years developing skills and talents and establishing myself in the local media community, and I’m sitting here toasting with my husband and celebrating.

We are legit excited that I get to stop sweeping floors at Shady Brook Farm – my in-between job, that pays $9 an hour – and report to a corporate office every day.

That doesn’t really matter, though. There is no, has been no, flow chart for my professional life for a really long time. I spent 16 years at my previous company, treading water, doing what I loved, but in a negative atmosphere that offered no room for growth or advancement.

My job search, up until now, sucked.  I’m just glad to get my foot in the door of a company that does something relevant in my field – and make no mistake, I am ENTRY LEVEL in digital marketing after doing nothing but reporting on sports, from national to local, since I graduated from college in 2000.

Northwestern University education. Entry level position 20 years later.

This is how it goes for me, and I don’t give a flying !$%^ if you think that’s a failure on my part. Journalism or communications majors of the world, I pray for what you’re gonna do in today’s marketplace. But I know it will involve a whole lot of humility and re-inventing of yourself, or sheer genius-level brilliance.

Maybe I’ll develop some level of brilliance in digital marketing and feel like this whole journey was pre-destined. Right now, it’s about learning and growing and trying to pick myself up by my bootstraps and begin climbing up the ladder in a brand new field.

Experience in this should be relevant on a resume. It’s my most marketable skill.

2 thoughts on “Employment Chronicles: I GOT A JOB!”

  1. Jen, I met you only once at an AHA event you were covering. I was quite impressed with how well you interacted with our volunteers and kids. And, since then, I’ve followed your reporting. Your sports analysis… Your interacting with your peers… Your amazing physical challenges… You and your husband’s excitement over the Cubs World Series win. You are a true competitor, a winner. My money is on you diving into your new career with the passion of a warrior and making a difference. Wishing you the best on this re-Jen-eration!
    – Steve


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